RizzChat Guide
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Customization overview

Learn how to use RizzChat to create unique character and story experiences.
If you're familiar with LLMs, you can start here. If not, we recommend reading How RizzChat works first.


RizzChat integrates advanced LLMs (Large Language Models) and other AI models to craft unique narratives and dialogues. The platform's core functionality hinges on the strategic use of prompts, empowering creators with extensive customization capabilities.

Customization Tools

The RizzChat ecosystem offers a diverse set of tools and settings, enabling creators to tailor their storytelling experience:
1. Character Cards
These serve as the foundational element, encapsulating essential character attributes.
2. Prompt Templates
Acting as the structural backbone, prompt templates guide the utilization of various inputs and settings within the LLM framework.
3. Lorebooks and world info
A dynamic repository of world-building elements, Lorebooks enrich prompts based on specific triggers like key words or phrases.
4. User Personas
This feature personalizes interactions by integrating user-specific details such as names and backgrounds.
5. Scenario Details
These elements provide context to the ongoing narrative or plotline, influencing the interaction between the user and the character.
6. Long-term Memory
RizzChat's proprietary system enhances continuity by allowing characters and narratives to reference past interactions, tailoring responses to the current conversation and user inputs.
7. RizzChat Plugins
Extend your storytelling canvas with an array of plugins. Examples include emotion and scoring mechanisms for a gamified experience, fostering a more engaging AI interaction.

Creating Your World

The subsequent sections will delve into the practical application of these tools, guiding you in crafting your own distinctive stories and virtual environments.